Our story

“To be a designer today is not to undergo the current trend, but rather to compose with it, to invent it again and again, and to innovate it again and again, with patience and determination. Without a soul, eyewear is just an ocular prosthesis. It’s the designer who gives it life.”  Pierre Cariven

Pierre’s inspiring words sum up his state of mind perfectly! For Pierre, being a designer means more than simply imitating current trends ; it’s a true exploration of art and innovation. It means not just following existing trends, but transcending them, being able to deal with them and reinvent them, and constantly innovating with patience and determination.


From an early age, Pierre has developed a pronounced taste for fashion, materials and color combinations. With his passionate and determined personality, and with the benefit of his experience working with numerous designers, his sense of curiosity and observation, combined with his artistic predispositions, led him to seek the means to realize his childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer. In 2007, Pierre decided to launch his first optical collection, which was quickly met with success: Pierre-Eyewear was born! Pierre’s dream became very clear: it wasn’t about dressing the body, but the eyes!


But success is not without its challenges. Pierre faced fierce competition from established brands. However, he remains true to his vision and continues to forge ahead with patience and determination. He knows that innovation doesn’t happen overnight, but takes time, reflection and experimentation. Loyal and passionate by nature, he questions himself, takes on challenges and perseveres until he reaches his goal : his greatest pleasure is to push back the boundaries to create unique pieces that reflect each individual’s personality and uniqueness !

A soulless eyewear is just a functional object, but when conceived by a visionary designer, it comes to life ! True to form, Pierre doesn’t just create eyewear, he also wants to convey a message through his creations. He believes in freedom of expression and the importance of standing out in a world where conformity is often the norm.


Today, Pierre Eyewear has become a recognized brand with several nominations and awards in France and abroad, and a presence in the world’s leading fashion capitals.


Pierre knows the importance of structure, materials and colors, and is constantly innovating with atypical shapes and judicious mixes. He knows how to work with current trends, but doesn’t limit himself to them. He invents new shapes, explores new materials and creates ever more unexpected combinations of materials and colors. Pierre remains true to himself: he doesn’t just follow trends, he shapes them. He knows that each pair of glasses he creates is a unique artistic object, like a tangible extension of one’s personality, which can change the way a person perceives himself and is perceived by others.


An anti-conformist, Pierre always takes the risk of exposing himself, provoking reactions and asserting his freedom through creations that run counter to the conventional. So, by giving life to a simple ocular prosthesis, Pierre brings an artistic and emotional dimension to it, enabling individuals to express themselves, stand out and display their own style.


That’s why, according to Pierre, being a designer means embracing passion, originality and innovation. It’s about giving life to the beauty and soul of things! A creation without a soul is just an inanimate object, whereas creating objects that go beyond their functionality means infusing them with an identity and meaning that touch people in a deep and personal way.It’s this passion and vision that enable him to create unique and inspiring pieces, eyewear that becomes much more than mere ocular prostheses, but a true life accessory that expresses the personality and style of the wearer.

Our values

Pierre’s values are above all:

-Dedication, with eyewear thought above all for the wearer and not confined to the design alone. Pierre often says:

“We prefer to see the wearer’s personality sublimated through our glasses, rather than a star design on a recessed face”.

-Accessibility to beauty through design, originality and made in France must be a luxury accessible to the greatest number.

-The application, the care and the work, with a permanent questioning of the designs, of the comfort of the wearing of the nose, of the work on the forms, the materials, the colors and the thicknesses.

-Independence, whether financial or artistic. Freeing oneself from trends, overused shapes and diktats is one of the brand’s primary objectives, and helping its customers to do the same in their daily lives with its products is Pierre’s dearest desire. He is convinced that eyewear should live first and foremost for the wearer and not to boast about the designer. One of his battles is to keep his models affordable, while keeping a French production. It is a brand that is dedicated and generous not only to its wearers but also to those who work on it and distribute it.

Our artisanal expertise

Since the very beginning, Pierre Eyewear has chosen to cultivate the historic and recognized know-how of French and Italian workshops, to keep alive a long chain of “little expert hands” involved throughout the production process. Our collections are made in the tradition of quality local production, with noble materials and exclusive colors. More respect, more quality… Far from being a mere fashion statement, local manufacturing is an irrefutable guarantee of high quality and respect for social and environmental standards. That’s why Pierre Eyewear is an integral part of the irreducible minority of eyewear designers who stand up for made in France and in Italia!

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